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The Avante Institute Bahamas

The Avante Ibogaine Treatment Center


The Leading Ibogaine Clinic for Alcohol & Opiate Addiction

The Avante Institute in Nassau Bahamas is proud to be a leader in Clinical Ibogaine and Therapeutic Psilocybin Treatments. Our expert clinical staff, top-tier safety protocols, luxury facility and the relaxation of the Bahamas Caribbean environment ensure the finest treatment experience available.

Are you or someone that you care about seeking a highly effective treatment solution for drug or alcohol addiction? Is Post-Traumatic Stress, depression, or anxiety hindering your happiness and life quality? Have you heard the accounts of extraordinary results achieved through Clinical Ibogaine Treatment and Therapeutic Psilocybin Treatment? If so, The Avante Institute Bahamas may be the solution for  you!

The Best Ibogaine Treatment Programs

For Veterans Suffering From PTSD & Depression

The Avante Veterans Treatment Program is intended to aid those who have served in the U.S. Armed Services and First Responders (RRWs) who are suffering from symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress (PTSD) as a result of combat missions, rescue and recovery operations, and sub-concussive neurological injuries (mTBI) that stem from repeated exposure to low-level artillery blasts. Clinical Ibogaine Therapy has demonstrated exceptional efficacy in treating the behavioral and emotional effects that are associated with these conditions, as well as the depression and anxiety that can arise from traumatic experiences related to combat, wartime training, and other life-saving and hazardous operations.

How Does an Ibogaine Treatment Work?

An Ibogaine Success Story

The best way to illustrate how well our treatments work is through real-life experiences from our past patients. Dylan attended The Avante Institute to undergo ibogaine addiction treatment to finally end his 20-year drug and alcohol addiction.

“When I arrived at The Avante Ibogaine Institute, I was completely hostage to my addiction. It controlled every moment of every day of my life. As soon as I got there I knew that I was in the right place. They immediately stabilized me and I never felt any withdrawals. Literally none. These people heal people. That’s what they do. They save people. I wish I had found them sooner, but I am so thankful that I did finally find them.” Corey L., Winchester, MA.

Is The Avante Ibogaine Clinic Right for You?

In determining if clinical psychedelic treatment at The Avante Institute is the right choice for you, you should ask yourself some candid questions:

  • Is alcohol, drugs or addictive prescriptions having an adverse effect on your life?
  • Does trauma-related stress, depression, and anxiety prohibit you from leading a life of peace, happiness and productivity?
  • Are you ready to be free from the captivity of addiction and depression?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions …

Clinical Ibogaine Treatment at The Avante Institute

May Be The Right Choice FOR YOU!

The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE Podcast): Joe hosts our friend Rick Doblin, founder of MAPS (The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) to discuss the many benefits of Clinical Ibogaine Treatment and other entheogen medicines for the treatment of Addiction, Post-Traumatic Stress, Depression, Anxiety and OCD.

Can Ibogaine Treatment Help With…

Addictive Behaviors

Addictive Behaviors?

Ibogaine’s healing properties can lift the veil on those deeply seeded habitual tendencies that, over time, have become default mechanisms in dealing with life’s turbulences, past traumas and fears. This healing journey can provide the critical guidance necessary to break free from addictive behaviors.

Alcohol and Drug Addiction?

For those challenged by addiction to drugs or alcohol, Ibogaine Assisted Detox Treatment is an addiction interrupter that can eliminate (or drastically reduce) post-acute withdrawal symptoms to offer you the opportunity to begin a sober lifestyle absent the cravings, anxiety, depression and guilt that often plague newly sober individuals.

Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Post Traumatic Stress?

Have traumatic events infiltrated your life and hindered your happiness? Ibogaine treatment has consistently shown to strengthen neural pathways and reconnect neurons in the brain (neurogenesis) that can shift perspectives into sound and reliable reasoning; restoring a balanced emotional state that can alleviate the burdens of guilt and shame.

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing?

For those seeking spiritual guidance, from expanded enlightenment to a completely divine transformation, ibogaine treatment at The Avante Institute clinic can help to invoke the honesty and truth necessary to nourish and renew the soul. Our ibogaine treatment therapy has been characterized as “receiving a large financial deposit into an otherwise bankrupt spiritual account.”

Pre-Treatment Emotional Preparation

We encourage each guest to prepare in advance of their clinical ibogaine treatment experience

  • It is beneficial to carefully identify what you wish to achieve through your experience.
  • In the days leading up to your treatment, try to restore as much peace and balance in your life as possible.
  • If you are chemically dependent, it is best to arrive for therapy as “in control” of your addiction as possible (“maintenance-mode”) and to be committed to begin your new journey with a strong fundamental mindset to attack your recovery head on.
  • For those seeking spiritual refinement, we ask that you work in advance of your treatment to identify those issues you wish to resolve through your ibogaine experience.

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