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Our Founder

Nic & Father Tomas, 1989

The Avante Ibogaine Institute’s founder Nic brings over 20 years of personal experience living through substance abuse and addiction to the Avante program. After enduring early life trauma and the untimely death of his father when he was just 21, Nic battled years of depression and guilt, resulting in recurring cycles of substance abuse, overdoses, incarcerations, and treatment programs.

His personal life experience provides Nic with a deep understanding of what Avante’s clients are experiencing, enabling him to connect with patients in a compassionate and non-judgmental manner. Nic’s ability to help client’s explore the root causes of their addictions and self-destructive behaviors is invaluable to those in desperate need of guidance.

Nic and the Avante team are committed to the long days and often sleepless nights required in the work of recovery and demonstrate empathy and compassion toward each and every Avante patient. “There is no textbook that explains what it feels like to thoroughly surrender to addiction and feel truly undeserving of happiness. The shame from our experiences and behaviors, and the humiliation in how judgmental people perceive us only pours fuel onto the fire.

It is a level of despair that many feel can only be numbed by more alcohol or drugs, and the concept of fighting for recovery often becomes such an intimidating obstacle that it’s just too much to negotiate alone. Those who don’t fully comprehend the dynamics of addiction may see it as an act of selfishness or self-pity. But more often than not, it is driven through self-punishment and self-destruction. Rarely is it intended to hurt others, although family members and loved ones suffer greatly throughout the process.”

Nic credits ibogaine for transforming and transcending his life. “Without psychedelic-assisted therapy, I would have never made it this far and be able to give back in the ways that we have for the past many years. We are blessed to have an extraordinary team of clinicians and staff. I wake every day humbled and committed to the cause of helping Avante’s clients overcome addiction and depression to find peace and happiness in their lives.

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Nic & son Tomas, 2016