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Ibogaine Detox Treatment

Ibogaine Detox Treatment

At The Avante Institute, we offer comprehensive ibogaine detox treatment solutions to help patients overcome addiction in the most comfortable and efficient way possible.

What makes Avante’s ibogaine detox treatment so extraordinary? Unlike traditional addiction detox modalities that often take weeks or even months to generate sustainable results, Avante’s detox treatments can accomplish in a matter of hours or days. The result being our patients┬árestored emotional and physical balance absent cravings, depression, anxiety, and other post acute withdrawal symptoms.

Ibogaine Programs that Work

As part of our comprehensive programs, clients are provided comprehensive recovery coaching, group meditative yoga, and trips to The Atlantis Resort Fitness Center on Paradise Island.

Ibogaine Programs
Clinically Supervised Environment
Ibogaine Detoxification in a Clinically Supervised Environment

Upon intake, clients are immediately stabilized for optimal comfort. Our clinical team supervises each clients progress and withdrawal management to ensure the highest level of comfort and safety. Avante Clinical Staff are ICU and ER trained and several actively work in emergency care environments, in addition to their clinical roles at The Avante Institute.

Following stabilization, clients will undergo a series of lab tests including a Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, Complete Blood Count and EKG. This is done to ensure proper liver, kidney, and cardiac function in preparation for detox treatment.

During treatment each client is appointed a personal ICU nurse who supervises their private in-room treatment and provides one-on-one care throughout the duration of treatment under the directive and oversight of the Avante Physician. All clients receive 24-hour clinical supervision and vitals monitoring throughout and following treatment.

Extended Care Programs

Our clients matter to us long after they experience their ibogaine detox program. It is our sincere desire to help each and every Avante client successfully achieve long-term sustainable recovery. In this spirit, we have aligned with a select group of intensive inpatient and outpatient aftercare programs to help further build upon the foundation established by our comprehensive detox programs.