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Why Choose Avante

Why Choose Avante?

For Clinical Ibogaine Treatment

Our Location

Our peaceful, safe, and private luxury Bahamas facility provides the ideal therapeutic setting for personal discovery, relaxation and healing.


Our Clinical Commitment

Our pre-screening policies, comprehensive lab work, pre-and-post EKG, and 24-hour cardiac monitoring are the core of our clinical standards.

Our Staff

All of our physicians and clinicians are trained in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and Emergency Room Care. Our support staff are compassionate and caring.

physicians and clinicians


We maintain the latest safety technology in cardiac monitoring and pre-screening equipment.

Addiction Experts

Our therapists are trained in SMART Recovery and many staff have real life personal experience in achieving sustainable recovery.

our founder

Unparalleled Comfort

Each guest suite is equipped with private bath and comfortably appointed with posture-pedic bedding for optimized client comfort.

Individual Therapy

All treatments are physician supervised and our max 2:1 Client to Nurse Ratio is the most individualized care in the industry


Our program is designed to offer the best value to achieve truly sustainable and lifelong recovery.

Delicious Nutrition

A menu of delicious and nutritional meals include local-catch seafood protiens, locally grown organic vegetables, anti-oxidant shakes and fresh tropical fruits.