Why Choose The Avante Bahamas?

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Safety: Paradise Island, Bahamas is considered one of the safest regions in all of the Caribbean. Unlike Mexico’s high crime-rate, the Bahamas is well policed and the tropical environment of the islands provides the ideal therapeutic setting for personal discovery, relaxation and healing. 

Our Commitment: Our top-tier clinical protocols are in accordance with GITA Clinical Ibogaine Guidelines & Policies. 

Our Staff: Our Board Certified Physicians and Registered Nurses are all U.S. trained Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS Certified).

Individual Therapy: Our 2:1 Client to Nurse Ratio is the most individualized treatment available. All treatments are Physician supervised and designed to ensure that clients receive optimal one-on-one care in the privacy of their individual guest room.

Technology: We maintain the latest technology cardiac monitoring and pre-screening equipment.

Addiction Experts: From our clinicians to our therapists, our staff is expertly trained in the most effective addiction and detoxification therapies available.

Unparalleled Comfort: Our private and luxurious oceanfront Center is located upon three manicured acres of white sand beachfront with turquoise water views as far as the eye can reach.


Accomodations & Amenities:  All clients enjoy their private deluxe and oceanfront rooms, personal therapists, spiritual meditation and yoga sessions, state-of-the-art fitness center, nightly group beachfront bonfires, In-Theatre Movie Library and Wi-Fi throughout the Center.

Delicious Nutrition: Guests are revitalized with delicious and nutritional non-GMO – lean protein meals prepared in our commercial grade kitchen. Daily menus include fresh “local catch” seafood dishes accompanied by locally grown organic vegetables. Supplemental Nutrients, Cold Pressed Juice Bar, Electrolyte Therapy, Amino Acid Vitamin & Mineral Blends and Protein Blasts ensure our guests leave us feeling completely renewed and restored.

Stay In Touch: You are free to bring your cell phone and laptop during your stay at our Ibogaine Treatment Center. We understand that communication with loved ones can be beneficial and that contact with business associates may be necessary during your stay.

Non-12-Step/12-Tradition: Unlike many outdated views on addiction or alcoholism, we are judgement-free in our guest’s approach to their long-term recovery. We remain available to guide our clients in their aftercare plan, when authorized. Otherwise, we remain non-judgemental and non-punitive in our treatment philosophy.

Value: Our program was intentionally designed to offer the very finest in compassionate care and luxury amenities at the most affordable rates possible. We are priced as competitively as possible given that the Bahamas is twice as costly to operate in as Mexico.

Post-Treatment Stay Extensions: Rarely does a guest feel a “need” to extend their stay. However, for those wishing to relax a little longer before returning home, we offer post-treatment extension rates similar to local resort hotels as well as at our adjacent world-renown Sivananda Ashram.


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