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Real Talk

Real Talk

It pains us to speak so negatively, particularly when it comes to the seriousness of chronic substance abuse and addiction. But what is going on must be talked about candidly and openly.

The truth is that in the United States alone between 500 to 700 people are dying each and every week from drug and alcohol addiction. Unfortunately, the primary interest for a percentage of treatment centers has become maximizing insurer reimbursement revenues, in many cases at the direct expense of patient care. The giant’s of the pharmaceutical industry are in the business of selling medications. Some of these medicines are knowingly designed to keep society dependent upon them.  In as much as we wish this were nothing more than conspiracy theories, it is unfortunately a sad and hard truth.

Many treatment centers continue to use outdated and largely ineffective therapies while charging exorbitant fees of as much as $100,000 for a 30-60 day program. Many are little more than glorified 12-Step/12-Tradition A.A./N.A. models with unproven results and unacceptable recidivism rates commonly exceeding 90%.

We believe that thousands of deaths can be avoided each year through the use of holistic plant therapy. These natural, God-given plants and medicinal therapies are incredibly effective and able to increase the odds of successful addiction recovery. It is well known that detoxification is the most critical part of the recovery process. A proper and thorough detoxification will help to eliminate withdrawals, quash cravings and stifle depression and anxiety. These early recovery challenges are the most chronic causes of recidivism. Plant medicines achieve this in a very effective way and increase the odds of successful long-term recovery immensely.

We encourage all of our clients to engage in extended-aftercare programs following any detoxification regimen to guide them in the fundamentals of leading a sober lifestyle. This can be achieved by attending a well qualified, Residential Treatment Program, Intensive Outpatient Program or Addiction Psychotherapy sessions. But the very first order in attacking addiction is to experience a comprehensive detoxification which can be achieved through high-quality plant medicine treatment. There is simply no better method in achieving sobriety through healthy detoxification than holistic plant medicine treatments.

Ultimately, you are in control of your health, so please use discretion, do your research and find what works best for you.