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The Best Ibogaine Clinic for Alcohol & Opiate Addiction

The Avante Institute is proud to be respected as one of the finest Clinical Ibogaine Treatment Facilities in the western world. We are staffed with top-tier medical professionals and clinicians that exceed expectations in every aspect of treatment.  Our quality clinical protocols, modern accommodations and therapeutic Caribbean environment provide clients with the finest therapeutic ibogaine experience available in the industry.

Are you or someone you care about searching for a highly effective method to achieve long-term abstinence from drug or alcohol addiction? Have you heard the extraordinary accounts of others and the sustainable results achieved with Ibogaine Assisted Detox Treatment? Have traditional treatment programs failed to provide you with the emotional balance and confidence necessary to maintain sobriety? If so, Ibogaine Treatment at The Avante Ibogaine Institute Bahamas may very well be the option for you to finally achieve sobriety once and for all.

Each year, millions who suffer with addiction seek traditional treatment programs that fail to provide any real hope for sustainable long-term recovery. Using outdated and ineffective treatment protocols, training and tools, clients are left to surrender to cravings, anxiety and depression.

Ibogaine Assisted Detox effects the brain on a cellular level by resetting the brains receptor sites and rebalancing neurochemical levels which bypasses these most formidable opponents of recovery.

When other treatment protocols have failed it’s time for Ibogaine Assisted Detox.

ibogaine addiction treatment center for the USA and Canada

How does an Ibogaine Treatment Work?

The best way to illustrate how our treatment protocol works is through a real-life experience by one of our past patients. Cameron K. travelled to the Bahamas to receive an ibogaine addiction treatment in the hope of ending his 8 year addiction to heroine.

“I was a hostage to my addiction. I lived to use and worked only to support my habit. I was in survival mode for 6 years. At any given moment I could have just given up and died. Somehow I survived long enough to make here and they saved my life. Ibogaine and these people just absolutely saved my life. I can’t remember ever feeling this good and positive. I am ready to live again. It’s amazing!”

When he arrived at The Avante Resort, Cameron K. was on 120 milligrams of methadone a day which required a two week tapering and micro-dosing protocol along with the usual flood dose of HCL and TA ibogaine.

“Sure, I had my reservations, but as soon as I got here I knew that I was in the right place. They heal people. They just save people. I only wish I had found this sooner.”

ibogaine rehab program for alcohol and opiate addiction

Where are we Located?

The Avante Institute is located in a beautiful resort like setting in Nassau Bahamas. Our 3 acre oceanfront resort is an ideal environment for personal discovery and healing. For more information about our all-inclusive programs, contact us today.

Is our Ibogaine Clinic Right For You?

In determining whether or not Ibogaine is the right treatment for you, you should ask yourself some very candid and forthright questions:

  • Is alcohol, drugs or prescription medicine use having an adverse effect on your life?
  • Do you have concerns over the choices you make due to substance use?
  • Do you believe that substance use is prohibiting you from leading your best and most fulfilling life?
  • Do you have unresolved trauma that affects you from leading a content and peaceful life?
  • Do you have feelings of guilt or shame that you crave forgiveness for?
  • Do you feel a desire to be free from the captivity of addiction, anxiety and/or depression?
  • If you answered yes to any of the above statements, visiting an ibogaine center or clinic may be the right choice for you.

Before deciding, one should be aware that these holistic treatments are powerful and we believe magical natural plant medicines have the capacity to facilitate tremendous transformation in one’s life.

An ibogaine detox program can offer deeply analytical introspections well suited for those seeking positive change in their attitudes, behaviors and relationships.

Most importantly, a clinical protocol followed within a specialized treatment center for drug and alcohol addiction will free you from your addiction, restore you to a pre-addicted state and a renewed level of physical and emotional well-being.

These ibogaine treatments are not a cosmetic makeover or a superficial therapy. They are deeply introspective healers. As a matter of fact, many of our guests have described their Avante ibogaine experience as “ten or twenty years of therapy in a single day”.

iboga treatment center for treating opiate and alcohol addiction

Can an Ibogaine Treatment Help With...

Addictive Behaviors?

Ibogaine’s healing properties can lift the veil on those deeply seeded habitual tendencies that over time, have become default mechanisms in dealing with life’s turbulences. It can provide critical guidance into a journey of all things wholesome and humble, providing relief from compulsive behaviors.

Alcohol & Drug Addiction?

For those truly wishing to end an addiction, our detoxifying ibogaine programs are nothing short of a magical addiction interrupter that can provide the freedom to begin a new and sober lifestyle completely free of withdrawal, craving, anxiety and depression. There is simply no better medicine available to eliminate drug and alcohol addiction than ibogaine.

Post Traumatic Stress?

If past traumatic events have hindered your happiness, our clinic’s detox therapy can help by expanding one’s perspectives to consider sound and reliable reasoning and alleviate burdens of guilt or shame.

Spiritual Healing?

For those seeking a spiritual guide, from expanded enlightenment to a completely divine transformation, The Avante Institute clinic can help to provoke the honesty and truth necessary to nourish and renew the soul. Our therapy has been characterized as receiving a large financial deposit into an otherwise bankrupt spiritual account.

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Pre-Treatment Emotional Preparation

We encourage guests to prepare in advance of their experience and stay at our treatment center:

It is beneficial to carefully identify what you wish to achieve through your experience.

In the days leading up to your treatment, it is beneficial to restore as much peace and balance in your life as possible.

If you are chemically dependent, it is best to arrive for therapy as “in control” of your addiction as possible (“maintenance-mode”) and to be committed to begin your new journey with a strong fundamental mindset to attack recovery head on.

For those seeking spiritual refinement, we ask that you work in advance of your visit to identify those issues you wish to resolve through your ibogaine experience.

Most importantly, be as deeply compassionate and loving to yourself as possible. You are about to embark on “the ultimate journey of forgiveness and healing”. Be kind to yourself and be proud of your decision in choosing to improve your life!


GITA is a not-for-profit corporation focused on the sustainability initiatives, scientific research, education and advocacy of the sacramental and therapeutic uses of iboga.


ICEERS responds to the urgent need for efficient tools for personal and social development of  the indigenous peoples and modern therapeutic practice. Ibogaine is among those studied.


Maps is a non-profit research and educational organization which develops medical, legal, and cultural contexts for people to benefit from the careful uses of psychedelics, such as Ibogaine, and marijuana. 


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