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The Avante Philosophy

Our Philosophy

The biggest hurdle in convincing a chemically dependent individual to seek treatment is the fear of traditional detox modalities. That is, the addiction treatment establishments “white-knuckle” detox practices that mitigate a fraction of withdrawal symptoms and leave an individual to battle the long- term physical and emotional discomfort of post-acute withdrawal, cravings and depression.

We understand the pain of addiction and the challenges in identifying a detox facility that can be trusted to provide genuinely effective, rapid and comfortable detoxification. Avante was founded upon the principles of providing the most comprehensive detoxification treatment available and we believe that rehabilitation, at its very core, begins at the root of a healthy detoxification in order to address all aspects of recovery.

Our Philosophy

Since the expansion of behavioral health benefits under the U.S. Affordable Care Act, something deeply disturbing has occurred across America. A flood of new rehabs using outdated and largely ineffective therapies have opened with one purposeful intent; to exploit the lucrative compensation offered through insurer reimbursements. Many of these programs are little more than glorified 12-Step models designed to meet insurer minimums with no proven sustainable relapse prevention strategies and recidivism levels consistently exceeding ninety-percent (90%).

At Avante, our psychedelic-assisted treatment programs not only address the physical aspect of addiction, but also the emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects that may also include post-traumatic stress (PTSD), depression, and anxiety. Our Clinical Ibogaine Assisted Detox Treatment, in conjunction with Avante’s supportive therapeutic protocols and environment, provides the most comprehensive chemical detox available while helping to rapidly stabilize the patients neurochemistry through ibogaine’s ability to affect neurogenesis in the human brain. This complete approach to chemical detoxification ensures both physical comfort and emotional balance and arms Avante’s patients with the stability and strength to pursue their recovery head on, in a most formidable and committed manner.