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Our Staff

Dr. Sri, M.D


Emergency Room Physician
Addiction Psychiatry & Psychology
Behavioral Medicine
Dr. Sri brings 20 years of medical experience specializing in Psychiatry, with comprehensive cross-training in Emergency Room Services, Cardiac Care and Trauma. He also has 9 years of experience in Holistic Addiction Treatments.

Celia M., RN, BSN, CCRN

Avante Clinical Manager

Celia has 23 years of training & experience in I.C.U., Cardiac Care and Anesthesia, and work in Regenerative and Anti-Aging Specialties, Stem-Cell Therapy and PRP Treatments. She also is experienced in Holistic Addiction Treatment for 11 years.

Maria S.

Clinical Assistant

Marcus J.

Clinical Coordinator

Marianna C.

Lead ACLS Nurse