Why Choose the Bahamas over Mexico for Ibogaine Treatment

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Are There Ibogaine Treatment Locations Other Than Mexico?

Ibogaine treatment may not be legal in the United States, but other countries embrace it as a viable, natural, holistic solution to addiction. Ibogaine is a uniquely therapeutic medication used to treat both physical addictions to drugs, alcohol and nicotine as well as behavioral addictions such as gambling, pornography, anxiety, depression and more. Ibogaine often helps those challenged with identity or purpose, insecurities that may infiltrate one’s happiness and are sometimes led by childhood trauma or some other post-traumatic stress related issue(s).

Ibogaine is a way out of addictionBy it’s very nature, Ibogaine works to guide the individual inwardly in a very personal and even spiritual way to break free of the behaviors that fuel addiction. As individuals prepare for their ibogaine experience they are guided to search for those identifying traits, such a relationships and behaviors that cause their core struggles which lead to their addictions. Therefore, in addition to the benefit of the Bahamas high quality American educated clinical teams, it is important to take into account the quality of the therapeutic environment of the Center when searching for ibogaine treatment for yourself or a loved one.

During the pre-treatment identification phase and then again during the integration phase of cognitive behavioral therapies that occurs immediately following ibogaine treatment, it is imperative that the individual be in an environment saturated in peace and tranquility. A location within nature’s earthly creations where the individual can delve inwardly with oneself and his/her higher energy.

 Are Mexico Ibogaine Clinics Safe?

The Avante Ibogaine Institute in Nassau, Bahamas is just the ideal environment to maximize the benefit of such a profound experience. Unlike many of the Mexican clinics that are surrounded by busy highways or located in crowded villages and towns that exude an unavoidable underlying element of tension, The Avante Institute clinical ibogaine center is located on a tropical island oasis, fully private and tranquil yet minutes from the countries finest medical facilities. Whether or not it is safe to go to Mexico for your Ibogaine treatment, is up to you. Due to recent political activity, personal safety for Americans may be at risk, as well as, the ability to get to and from Mexico in the future.

The founders of The Avante Ibogaine Institute searched over two years to locate the ideal therapeutic setting for the Institute. The Bahamas Ibogaine Center rests peacefully upon 3-acres of private manicured Caribbean beachfront and boasts an array of therapeutic features including botanical gardens, private white sand beach, meditation portico, oceanfront swimming pool and terraces that boast views of turquoise Caribbean waters as far as the eye can reach.

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Sources for education: GITA www.ibogainealliance.org 

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