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Do I Need To Go To Post Treatment Therapy After Ibogaine Treatment?

 It is highly recommended that anyone who suffers from chronic addiction have an aftercare plan in place once ibogaine treatment is completed.

Ibogaine treatment can provide remarkable results in eliminating post-acute withdrawal symptoms (PAWS) and cravings, but it should be noted that ibogaine is only a tool, albeit and extraordinarily effective one.

It quenches the desire for the addictive substance and provides a period of clarity and insight into all the factors that resulted in addiction. But ibogaine treatment alone should never be mistaken for a cure for addiction.

Some patients will find ibogaine to be enough to eliminate their addiction.

Although, post-ibogaine therapies are sometimes necessary, the percentages are low and generally reserved to those mid-life and older who have developed an addiction to opiate pain medication or physician prescribed medications due to an injury, a trauma or other emotional setback or imbalance.

However, with alcohol or recreational drug use and addiction, ibogaine is normally sufficient to end the psychological dilemma associated with addiction.

Remember that ibogaine is considered a phenomenal addiction-interrupter.

That means, it will provide those addicted with a term of mental clarity, a shift in perspective and the removal of the relentless cravings and compulsion to use their drug of choice for a term sufficient to make social and environmental changes necessary to support long-term sobriety.
But a silver-bullet ibogaine is not. Those who recognize this and take action to support their recovery with additional therapies will experience drastically increased levels of long-term sobriety.  Contact us today for more information.