Clinical Ibogaine Treatment Programs

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Proudly considered one of the foremost experts of Clinical Ibogaine Treatment, Avante Ibogaine Institute offers a series of distinct treatment programs to ensure optimal care and comfort of our clients.

  • Standard 5-Day Clinical Ibogaine Opiate Detox (Mon – Fri)
  • Extended 7-Day Clinical Ibogaine Opiate Detox(Sat – Fri)
  • Standard 7-Day Clinical Ibogaine Stimulant Detox (Sat – Fri)
  • Standard 10-Day Clinical Ibogaine Alcohol Detox  (Fri – Sun)
  • Standard 3-Day Spiritual Package (Fri – Sun)
  • Extended 5-Day Spiritual Package(Wed – Sun)

Spiritual Retreats are available for those desirous of ibogaine treatment absent the need of chemical detoxification.

Note: Program recommendations are based upon clinical clearance factors including single or poly-substance addiction, current health status, medical history and age.

All Programs include the following discretionary guest activities:

Sivananda Yoga & Meditation, Atlantis Fitness Center, Beach-Walks, Beachside Bonfire Group and an abundance of relaxation and healing in a private and tropical Caribbean environment, Post-Treatment/ Aftercare Planning.


All Treatment Programs are fully inclusive:

  • Medicated Stabilization
  • Admission Physical and Psychological Evaluation
  • Comprehensive Lab Tests, Drug Screening and EKG
  • Pre-Treatment Preparation Session
  • Private Guest & Treatment Rooms with 24-hour ICU-ACLS Nursing Staff
  • Electronic Medical Monitoring – Floor Supervised by Avante Institute Medical Director
  • Post-Treatment Integration Session
  • Electrolyte Therapy & Nutraceutical Supplementation
  • Cold-Pressed Juicing & Lean Protein Menu/Diet & Snacks
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