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Ibogaine Treatment Cost

Clinical Ibogaine Treatment Programs

How Much Does Ibogaine Treatment Cost

As a foremost expert in Clinical Ibogaine Treatment, The Avante Institute proudly offers a series of distinct ibogaine treatment programs to ensure optimal clinical care, support, and comfort for the unique needs of each individual client.

The cost of ibogaine treatment can vary widely depending upon many factors including the purpose for seeking treatment, the client’s health status, and medical history. Each of these factors can influence the term of stay required at the clinic.

Ibogaine treatment cost can also be influenced by the region of the world the clinic is located in. As example, clinics located in the resort islands of the Bahamas will generally have slightly higher operating costs than clinics located in Mexico. This may be due in part to the disparity in safety, premium accommodations, and/or the quality and tranquility of the different environments.

As a rule, Avante’s rates range from $1,200 to $2,000 USD per day with required terms of stay of four (4) to ten (10) days. Our comprehensive approach to client treatment does allow Avante clients to attend pre-treatment alcohol/ETOH detox while here for ibogaine treatment. This typically adds three (3) to four (4) days onto the treatment protocol.

Considering that the typical vacation cost is the same or far higher, experiencing a life-changing and often life-saving treatment in a beautiful Caribbean environment can be viewed as an extraordinary value. Unfortunately, the cost of ibogaine treatment can be prohibitive to some, which is an issue that The Avante Institute strives to bridge as often as possible. Since our formation, Avante has proudly awarded over one hundred partial and full scholarships to clients who would not have been able to experience clinical ibogaine treatment otherwise. Many of these scholarships were awarded to US Military Veteran’s that have struggled with post-combat related PTSD, addiction and depression.

To get an accurate cost estimate for your ibogaine treatment at The Avante Ibogaine Institute, complete our FREE Clinical Questionnaire to determine your clearance level and required length of stay.

Standard 5-Day Clinical Ibogaine Detox
(Sun – Thurs)

Extended 7-Day Clinical Ibogaine Detox
(Sat – Fri)

Standard 7-Day Clinical Ibogaine Stimulant Detox
(Sat – Fri)

Standard 10-Day Clinical Ibogaine Alcohol Detox
(Fri – Sun)

Veterans 4-Day PTSD - TBI Treatment

Extended 5-Day Spiritual Package
(Sun – Thurs)

Avante’s Veterans Treatment Program is committed to helping the members of our U.S. Armed Forces who suffer from symptoms associated with post wartime trauma and subconcussive neurological injuries due to exposure of low level artillery blasts. Our Clinical Ibogaine Therapy has proven highly effective in treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Depression and Anxiety Disorders caused from the experiences of wartime combat and Traumatic Brain Injury.

All Programs include the following discretionary guest activities:

Sivananda Yoga & Meditation, Atlantis Fitness Center, Beach-Walks, Beachside Bonfire Group and an abundance of relaxation and healing in a private and tropical Caribbean environment, Post-Treatment/ Aftercare Planning.

All Treatment Programs are fully inclusive:

Medicated Stabilization

Admission Physical and Psychological Evaluation

Comprehensive Lab Tests, Drug Screening and EKG

Pre-Treatment Preparation Session

Private Guest & Treatment Rooms with 24-hour ICU-ACLS Nursing Staff

Electronic Medical Monitoring – Floor Supervised by Avante Institute Medical Director

Post-Treatment Integration Session

Electrolyte Therapy & Nutraceutical Supplementation

Cold-Pressed Juicing & Lean Protein Menu/Diet & Snacks