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Ibogaine Treatment Centers: Find the Best One for You

Now that you have learned about the benefits of an advanced ibogaine clinical treatment and are ready to experience the magic of the medicine, the most important decision is to determine which clinic is best suited to provide the most comprehensive clinical and therapeutic care for you or your loved one.

Unfortunately, as with any unregulated quasi-medical environment, the ibogaine industry is rife with unsavory people who take advantage of those in desperate need of help.

Many have no clinical knowledge, cannot read lab results or interpret an EKG result and offer deeply discounted rates used to lure unsuspecting clients into their care.

Identifying a clinic that operates a clinically competent and morally centered facility can be difficult, so it is critical to qualify your provider properly.
Before selecting an ibogaine clinic, make a list of questions and listen carefully to the answers provided.

If they avoid addressing your questions, change the direction of the questioning or cannot provide someone within the clinic who can properly answer your questions, we strongly encourage that you continue your search elsewhere for a clinically competent facility.

It is well-known within the ibogaine industry that 99% of all adverse events can be avoided with proper pre-screening and monitoring during treatment. This begins with conducting a pre-admissions questionnaire to learn of the clients current health condition, past medical history and purpose for seeking treatment.

It is also important to know what prescription drugs the client is currently taking as many medications can compete with and/or be toxic when taken with ibogaine. Upon arrival at the clinic, a toxicology or comprehensive drug screen should be completed and labwork conducted to determine proper kidney and liver function, among other imperative values.

Lastly, an ECG/EKG is absolutely required for anyone undergoing treatment to determine the QT Interval of the heart as ibogaine is well-known as a QT Interval extender.

At The Avante Institute, our Clinical Director is a 23-year medical veteran with extensive experience in anesthesia who spent eight (8) years as lead surgical RN in the heart and lung transplant unit of Mayo Clinic Minneapolis.

Our Staff Physician is emergency room trained and specializes in drug and alcohol addiction psychiatry and our nurses are all ACLS Certified. The Avante Institute Bahamas campus is located upon 3-acres of direct caribbean oceanfront with private white sand beach, heated swimming pool and meditative gardens.

Each client enjoys their own private room accommodations and an array of therapeutic daily activities to select from.

For more information please visit our contact page or call (844) 4-AVANTE.