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Experience The Avante Institute with our Deluxe Rooms
Deluxe Room

You will be greeted at the airport by private car and brought directly to Avante’s Nassau Bahamas Center where we will immediate begin the stabilization process to ensure your comfort. Most guests will have gone through most of the pre-screening process and have already received emails and other communications on education and preparation for therapy (i.e. pre-treatment diet, prep-fluids, abstainments, etc.).

Following stabilization, we will begin therapy preparation including:

Final Intake Procedures:

  • Physical Evaluation by Lead Clinician
  • Pre-Treatment Drug Screening
  • Blood Labwork Analysis
  • Pre-Treatment EKG
  • Therapeutic Support
  • Treatment Navigation Education Booklet
Oceanfront Treatment Room at The Avante Institute
Oceanfront Treatment Room

Oceanview Suite

Treatment Procedures

The Avante Institute
  • Pre-Administration Orientation with lead clinician and therapy team
  • Meditative Pre-Therapy with Naturopathic Assistant
  • Receive initial “test” dose of pharmaceutical grade Ibogaine HCL
  • Administration of full therapeutic dosage 45-60 minutes following test dose

Full therapeutic dosage administration may be followed by a deeply introspective healing and detoxification process that last between 18 to 24 hours (on average).


Following treatment, many guests experience a 24-hour recovery period we term “Gray Day”. This can be due to the experience of visual introspection as well as the exhaustion from the release of toxins and intensive recovery process. During this period, clients are provided therapies to restore their energy and balance their body including:

  • Psychotherapy Sessions
  • Transcendental Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Nutraceutical Fluids
  • Nature Excursions

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