Is Ibogaine Treatment For You?

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Ibogaine Treatments

In determining whether or not Ibogaine Treatment is right for you, you should ask yourself some very candid and forthright questions:

  1. Is alcohol, drugs or prescription medicine use having an adverse effect on your life?
  2. Do you have concerns over the choices you make due to substance use?
  3. Do you believe that substance use is prohibiting you from leading your best and most fulfilling life?
  4. Do you have unresolved trauma that affects you from leading a content and peaceful life?
  5. Do you have feelings of guilt or shame that you crave forgiveness for?
  6. Do you feel a desire to be free from the captivity of addiction, anxiety and/or depression?

If you answered yes to any of the above statements, ibogaine treatment may be the right choice for you.

Before deciding, one should be aware that these holistic treatments are powerful and comprehensive natural plant medicines that have the capacity to facilitate tremendous transformation in one’s life.

Ibogaine treatment can offer deeply analytical introspections well suited for those seeking positive change in their attitudes, behaviors and relationships. Most importantly, clinical ibogaine treatment performed within a specialized treatment center for drug and alcohol addiction will help to free you from your addiction, restore you to a pre-addicted state and a renewed level of physical and emotional well-being.

These treatments are not a cosmetic makeover or a superficial therapy. They are deeply introspective healers that many of our clients have described as “ten years of therapy in a single day”.

How does Ibogaine Therapy treat..…..

Addictive Behaviors?

Ibogaine’s medicinal powers can lift the veil on those deeply seeded habitual tendencies that over time, have become default mechanisms in dealing with life’s turbulences. It can provide critical guidance and relief from compulsive behaviors.

Alcohol & Drug Addiction?

For those truly wishing to end a chemical addiction, our detoxifying ibogaine programs interrupt addiction and provide the freedom to begin a new and sober lifestyle while eliminating or drastically reducing post acute withdrawal, cravings, anxiety and depression. There is simply no better medicine than ibogaine to eliminate drug and alcohol addiction.

Post Traumatic Stress?

If past traumatic events have hindered your happiness, ibogaine treatment can help by expanding one’s perspectives to consider sound and reliable reasoning and alleviate burdens of guilt or shame.

Spiritual Healing?

For those seeking a spiritual guide, from expanded enlightenment to a completely divine transformation, ibogaine treatment at can help to provoke the honesty and truth necessary to nourish and renew the soul. It has been characterized as receiving a large financial deposit into an otherwise bankrupt spiritual account.

Pre-Treatment Emotional Preparation
We encourage clients to prepare in advance of their ibogaine treatment experience. In the days leading up to your treatment it is beneficial to:

  • Carefully identify what you wish to achieve through your ibogaine experience.
  • Restore as much peace and balance in your life as possible.
  • Arrive for treatment as “in control” of your addiction as possible ( in “maintenance mode”) and to be committed to begin your new journey with a strong fundamental mindset to pursue recovery head on.
  • For those seeking spiritual refinement, identify the issues you wish to resolve through your ibogaine experience.
  • Be as deeply compassionate and loving to yourself as possible. You are about to embark on “the ultimate journey of forgiveness and healing”. Be kind to yourself and be proud of your decision in choosing to improve your life!
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