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Articale The Avante Institute Bahamas Ibogaine Center

For the millions of people around the world fighting to overcome desperate addictions to drugs, alcohol and opioid prescription medications, The Avante Institute has an effective solution to their struggle.  It comes in the form of the west African plant Tabernanthe Iboga; it's root containing a natural alkaloid appropriately named ibogaine that is administered at The Avante Insitutes' resort like oceanfront center in Nassau, Bahamas. "This is the genuine article. Ibogaine is a natural, ReadMore

Bahamas Holistic Treatment Center

The Avante Institute offers holistic-based rapid detox treatments in the Bahamas. By offering completely withdrawal-free detoxification from drugs and acohol, our procedures have consistently exhibited exceptional efficacy in eliminating all post acute withdrawal symptoms and cravings while serving as a reliable addiction interrupter.  This procedure provides the patient with the time necessary to deploy sober lifestyle choices conducive to living an addiction free life. These holistiReadMore

Could This Drug Help To Save Millions Of Lives?

Paul O’Heron had been through rehab four times for his heroin addiction, and relapsed each time. Desperate, he decided to try ibogaine. When Paul O’Heron arrived in Cancun from Missouri in early April, the 29-year-old drug addict hadn’t been clean for 12 years. “I was sick of having to use every waking moment of my life to try to find drugs,” he told America Tonight. “I was able to see the damage that it did to my family, especially to my twin sister, who was having horrible nightReadMore

Articale 44 Year Old Woman’s Experience

Account of a 44 year old woman who experienced holistic plant treatment for personal development. (April 2012) Subject: An enlightening ibogaine experience Date: April 2012 Having seen what holistic plants had done for a person with a severe drug problem, I was supportive of its use for those with substance abuse issues. However, I have no such problems; as a matter of fact, I have never so much as even experienced a hangover. So, when this person suggested I try this “magical medicine,ReadMore

Articale Ayahuasca helped me overcome my addiction and gave me a new purpose in life. By: Brandee Alessandra

When I was 6 years old my father committed suicide. I remember running to his room after he had shot himself. This was the beginning of what felt like a never ending nightmare, which became normal everyday life for me. I grew up with a meth addicted mother and lived in a meth house most of my childhood. By the time I was eight, I became the mother to my newborn brother. His crib was in my room and he relied on me for everything because my mother wasn’t able to take care of him most of the timeReadMore



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