Client Quote “They Heal People!”

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Client Quote “They Heal People!”

For the millions of people around the world fighting to overcome desperate addictions to drugs, alcohol and opioid prescription medications, The Avante Institute has an effective solution to their struggle.  It comes in the form of a West African plant; it’s root containing a natural alkaloid that is administered at The Avante Insitute resort like oceanfront center in Nassau, Bahamas.

“This is the genuine article. These holistic plant medicines are natural, magical medicines that work like nothing we have ever seen. It is a sin that it is not made available in America to help stifle the ongoing drug epidemic”, said Nick Vara Managing Partner of The Avante Institute.

These plant medicines have been used as an addiction interrupter by underground groups throughout the world for years and by African tribes for rite of passage religious ceremonies and medicinal healing. However, due to some of these plants having scheduled status in the United States, quality providers of these magical medicines have been forced offshore to provide treatment to those in need.

Cameron K. recently traveled to the Bahamas to receive medicinal plant treatment at The Avante Institute in the hope of ending his 8-year addiction to heroine. “I was a hostage to my addiction. I lived and worked only to support my habit. I was in survival mode for the last 6 years. At any given moment I could have just given up and died. Somehow I survived long enough to make it here and they saved my life. These all-natural plant medicines and these people just absolutely saved my life. I can’t remember ever feeling this good and this positive. I am ready to live again. It’s amazing!”

When he arrived at The Avante Institute Cameron K. was on 120 milligrams of methadone a day which required a three-week tapering and micro-dosing protocol along with therapeutic level treatments. “Sure, I had my reservations, but as soon as I got here I knew that I was in the right place. They heal people. They just save people. I only wish I had found this sooner.”

The Avante Institute is located in a beautiful resort like setting in Nassau Bahamas. The 3-acre direct oceanfront campus is an ideal environment for personal discovery and healing. Several programs are available beginning at $7,900 all-inclusive.

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“This Is SERIOUS Sobriety!”

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